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Single Ply Membranes for Commercial Roofs

Norfolk Roofing Company provides all Single–Ply membranes, these roofing systems offer a single layer of protection against water infiltration and are available for a variety of applications.

These materials consist of (TPO) thermal poly olefin, (PVC) poly vinyl chloride, (EPDM) rubber and reinforced acrylic elastomeric. A low initial expenditure and cost per year of annual useful service life offer an alternative the high cost of new construction.

Warrantable useful service life expectancy is typically 10- 20 years. These roofing systems require annual periodic inspections and maintenance in one to three year intervals.

U.V. resistance and reduced radiant heat gain offer high energy efficiency providing reduced cost associated with temperature controlled and refrigerated environments. Strict adherence of all installation guidelines is mandatory as any deficiency will result in an active leak. These materials are highly sensitive to ambient conditions and the proper use age sensitive flashing accessories throughout the installation process.

Call Norfolk Roofing Company a professional company with experience in commercial roofs that last. We are here to serve you and your business.

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